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Board P​o​​licy

Board Policies define and guide appropriate relationships between the Citizens, Board of Trustees, and the President.  Board policies are reviewed and approved by the Board.


Adminis​​trative​​​​​​​ Policies

Statements that address compliance with fiscal, academic, human relations, or other management standards or requirements imposed by federal, state, or other agencies.  They also include requirements related to implementation of compliance with policies of the WTCS and MPTC Boards.  They may also include matters not specifically addressed by the Wisconsin Technical College System (WTCS) or MPTC Boards, but are within the general rule of the President's delegated responsibilities.  Administrative policies are reviewed and approved by the Presidents Cabinet.


Procedures​ (Internal Access Only)​​​

Standard, statement, or guideline, other than policy, adopted by an academic or administrative unit to implement a policy or address matters with the operational unit.  Procedures​ are reviewed and approved by the unit administrator.​